Rochelle Jones, known as Roki Roche’ in all things beauty. This native Detroiter holds a variety of skill in both Hair and Makeup Artistry. For more than a decade she has served many brands across the nation, including her hometown Detroit, Michigan. Her passion has advanced her signature style into an art form dubbed as purely eccentric and captivating beauty statements. With influencers like Ted Gibson and Path McGrath she leaped to take a beautiful journey pathed in glitter.

The Roche’ Brand was developed after her formal training by Paul Mitchell, she launched a platform that gained international clientele hosting cities in New York, Chicago, Houston, Cleveland, Los Angeles and of course Detroit. Every time Roki hits the set she turns on the light of creativity and innovation. Understanding her consistent need to stay 10-steps ahead at the forefront of a multi-billion-dollar global beauty industry.

Roki, proves that a poised professional will always elevate beauty to all altitudes.

Recognized for her radical hair coloring designs and trending beat faces, Roki enjoys taking elements of history and fine arts, and applying them to create beauty concepts that “create beautiful stories.” Roki continues to promote her brand through community philanthropy, and education while providing platforms for artist looking to grow.